Shogun of Japan - Favorite Resturant accused me of forging $30. gift certificate on a $130.00 bill.

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Treated our family to dinner at our favorite resturant; Shogun of Japan, a local Hibachi resturant.Its the first time we went as a family,.

normally because of the prices, its only a special lunch for me and my husband; we have five children so we don't eat out often. I had been saving a gift certificate my parents bought me a few years back,. but wasn't worried about it because it had no expiration date. We decided this was the right time to use it, it was only $30.

but thats good gas money, and we counted on it to offset the cost of such a big family meal out. Long story short, the manager wouldn't honor it - he said it was too old, that they had not used those types of certficates for over 8 years. I knew it hadn't been that long, but regardless it was undoubtedly their gift certificate, with their resturant stamp, and no expiration date. He basically suggested we had some how forged it.

yea,. I stole a blank certificate, 8 years ago, and waited till now to use it on a bill over $100.oo. He was very rude. I asked for his name and number, his supervisors name and number and the resturant owners name and number.

He said the rest owner lived in another state and he wouldn't give me the number. I called his supervisor (or who he wrote was his supervisor) the next day and he hung up on me not even five minutes into the conversation bc I asked him to not interrupt me. I was not cussing, yelling, and was not irate,.

and couldn't belieive that some one who was supposedly a supervisor, hung up on me!The will never get my business again, and have lost all my families/friends/coworkers patronage as well.



You are correct in describing the attitude of many Oriental restaurants---they are, when it comes to money and service, very rude if you question them.What you should have done is ask the waitress BEFORE you ordered if the gift cert was still good.

That would have told you right off. Hindsight is great, but if you really thought the cert was still good, you should have deduction that amount from the bill and if the manager wanted to call the police, so be it. Explain it to them, etc. What's a little fluffle anyway??

Alot of the way these people treat you depends on your demeanor---if they think they can bully you or get their way by screaming, they will take advantage of you.

I spent 7 years in the Orient and know how they operate.It's called being assertive and not putting up with their ***.

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